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Dock & Bay was officially founded in 2015, when Ben & Andy tore down a red curtain and stuck white paper stripes on it, creating the first ever Cabana towel.

Over the course of the last 6 years, they conquered the dragons on Dragon's Den (UK Shark Tank), sold over 1.5 million products, opened global warehouses and are now on the way to true towel domination.

The links below will help get you started in your journey to becoming a D&B retailer:

Website Tour - Video Guide

How To Order - Video Guide


The D&B goodies are ordered and finally on their way and we can almost feel you and your customers excitement. To help you market our products better, we have tons of imagery and assets for you to use. The folders below link to our 'Wholesale Select' but of course feel free to use any imagery you'd like

Beach & Travel

Towels - Bohemian :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Towels - Botanical :  PHOTO  
Towels - Cabana :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Towels - Cabana (Dark) :  PHOTO  
Towels - Cabana (Light) :  PHOTO  
Towels - Doing Our Bit (WWF) :  PHOTO  
Towels - Jungle :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Towels - Round :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Towels - Summer :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Towels - Ted Kelly :  PHOTO  

Home & Beauty

Hair Waps - Home :  PHOTO  
Hair Wrap - Cabana :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Hair Wrap - Classic :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Hair Wraps - Botanical :  PHOTO  
Laundry Wash Bag :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Makeup Wipes - Home :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Towels - Home :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO

Sports & Fitness

Cooling Towels - Cabana :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Cooling Towels - Go Faster :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Towels - Classic :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Towels - Essential :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO

Surf & Swim

Poncho Adults - Cabana :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Poncho Kids - Cabana :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Poncho Adults - Go Faster :  PHOTO  
Poncho Kids - Jungle :  PHOTO  
Shorts - Botanical :  PHOTO  
Shorts - Cabana :  PHOTO  |  VIDEO
Shorts - Pinstripes :  PHOTO  

Other Assets

Studio PNG files :  PHOTO  
POS Units :  PHOTO  
Merchandising Guide :  PHOTO  
Sustainability Guide :  PHOTO  
POS Posters (Multi Language available) :  PHOTO  

Product Video Explainers

Beach & Travel Towels (Youtube)  VIDEO
Cooling Towels (Youtube)  VIDEO
Ponchos (Youtube)  VIDEO
Hair Wrap (Youtube)  VIDEO
Makeup Removers (Youtube)  VIDEO
Home Towels (Youtube)  VIDEO

Wholesale Website Explainers

Activate Your Account (Youtube)  VIDEO

If there's something you can't find or you have any questions at all, just drop us a message at Our team will help you out as best they can!